Knowing Your Body Matters


 Your Body Matters

Do  you know your body shape?  Do you know how to flatter wide hips or how to dress for your body type?


We often believe that the more clothes we have, the more prepared we will be and the easier our busy lives will be.  How often do we find this to be true?  In all reality having a closet that over flows can be overwhelming,  distracting, discouraging and a time killer.

Knowing your body shape and proportions can help you to look your best, boost your self confidence and  save you valuable time.

  Are you ready to  be your best but, you are not sure where to start?  Knowing your body really does matter.


This podcast featured on the My Body Is Temple show, hosted by Karen Harcum will give you needed insight understanding body shapes and looking your best.

**Click Podcast Here:    MBT Show-Body Shapes


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