Don\’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down At New York Fashion Week

Don\’t get caught with your pants down at New York Fashion Week


Earth Therapeutics Body Brush

There\’s no magic pill for cellulite reduction.  All you need is dedication, determination and a little TLC.  Oh, and let\’ not forget the body massage brush which helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and break down that unwanted friend, cellulite.  Exfoliate and jump start skin turnover for rejuvenated smooth skin.  Here\’s how:

1.  Apply a light moisturizer or body butter to the thigh and hip area.


2.  Brush vigorously to stimulate blood flow and to do a light exfoliation (Hips and thighs) in an upward motion for 5 minute daily.


3.  Moisturize (apply a final layer of moisturizer to calm, hydrate and soothe the skin).


** Tip: A sugar scrub also a great way to slough off dead skin and reduce cellulite.
* How do you reduce cellulite? We want to know…..Leave a comment:
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