Do You Know Your Skin Type?


Do you know your skin type?

Do you know your skin type? Knowing whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or normal skin is the first step in proper skin care and maintaining healthy skin. Who wouldn\’t like to know how to achieve beautiful radiant skin.  To enhance your skin you need to know your skin type:

Dry Skin  
–  Produces too little oil
–  Has a tendency to chap or flake
–  May form lines or wrinkles
–  Has very tight to invisible pores
–  Usually drier in the winter than the summer    

Oily Skin  
–  The skin tends to produces excess oil
–  The skin appears to be shiny
–  Possible signs of breakout or acne
–  Makeup fades quicker with oily skin
–  The skin wrinkles less  
Combination Skin  
–  Dry in some areas of the face
–  Oily usually in the T zone area(Forehead, nose and chin)
–  Some dry patches and some oily patches may be present    
Normal Skin  
–  Neither too dry or too oily
–  The skin is a good texture 
–  No blemishes or imperfections
–  Healthy looking skin
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