Oily Skin Got You Down?



Are you oil glands working overtimeTrying to get rid of the shine, especially your T-zone area?  Try these quick fixes that help to prevent that shiny look:



Wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle alcohol free cleanser



Tone with an alcohol free toner ( This will help to balance the PH level of the skin)


Moisturize, yes, you need to moisturize too! Use a oil free moisturizer (This will help to calm down the oil production and remind the skin that it doe\’s have to work as hard to produce oil) 


Use oil-free foundation


Use a mattifier (a lightweight formula dries to a natural, matte finish, instantly absorbing oil and controlling shine)


Powder blush helps to absorb oil


Use loose powder, it helps to set make-up and absorbs oil


Use blotting paper  or tissue paper to absorb oil



Note:  Having oily skin has it\’s benefits, if taken care of properly, oily skin is prone to have less wrinkles

How do you keep the shine down?  We wanna know, leave a comment:




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