Stimulate Hair Growth and Add Shine Straight From Your Kitchen


 Stimulate Hair Growth and Add Shine Straight From Your Kitchen

Who would have thought that a culinary spice has so many benefits.  Rosemary  made into a tonic can be used as an effective hair treatment that leaves the hair soft and shiny.  Rosemary when used in the hair is none to stimulate the scalp, hair follicles, controls flakiness and dandruff.  When used consistently it may slow the progress of premature hair loss. Why wouldn\’t you yourself a little rosemary hair tonic?

DIY Rosemary Hair Tonic:


*  Boil 2 cups of water


*  Pour water over 1 cup of crushed fresh rosemary leaves


*  Let it seep about 15- 20 min or until cool


*  Use it as a rinse after shampooing


**  What hair tonics do you make yourself?   Leave a comment:


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4 thoughts on “Stimulate Hair Growth and Add Shine Straight From Your Kitchen”

  1. I’m always looking for natural ways to care for my toddler’s hair. Who knew you could use Rosemary in your hair? I’ve shopped the oil aisle at the grocery store and picked up jars of Olive, Jojoba and Coconut. DIdn’t know I should check out the produce aisle!

    1. TraceyEvelynReed

      Let me know what you think….. It’s great to not have to be concerned with harsh chemicals, especially in our children’s hair!

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