Summer Clothes In The Fall


Ask Tracey:

My clothing budget is very tight, can I transition my summer clothes to the fall?





Have no fear! You can get good use out of some your summer clothing well into fall.  Starting to prepare now is a fantastic idea and a great way to build your pieces while staying budget friendly.   Here is where you get  to be creative!  Layering your look is the key. When layered properly, you can change the complete look of an outfit and also looked pulled together. Start picking up pieces like (a denim shirt, tights, cardigan\’s, scarves, light to medium weight blazers and a sweet  pair of ankle boots).  Make sure the blazer is the right cut for your body type.  Funny thing is, there have been a few brisk nights when I have already had to put layering into effect! Oh yea, don\’t be afraid to break the rules!

** Do you wear your summer gear into fall?  We want to know, tell us how…………………………….Leave a comment:



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