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In today’s competitive world we can’t deny that our appearance makes a statement about who we are and what we represent without us saying a word. It is by the way we dress and the way we present ourselves in which other people are then able to create the first impression of us. First impressions last and people have the tendency to prejudge us as a result of our appearance. Knowing how much of an impact on the way that we dress has on others means that the power of dress is in the palm of our hands. We can cleverly use this power to radiate confidence and assert ourselves in the workplace.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of situations where you can harness the power of dress to make your mark.



Suppose you have a meeting with a highly-respected firm. It\’s a job that you are super excited about and you want to make a great first impression with the interviewer. You want the employer to be focused on you, how knowledgeable and skilled you are for the job. Your speech should associate with what you are wearing. For example, if you are talking on a professional level would it not be wise to wear professional clothing? The last thing that you would want is to be wearing something inappropriate or ill-fitting that will detract the employer from what you are saying. You want the company to hold you in the highest regard. What you say makes 50% of creating an impression. Your dress makes the other 50%.


Style Tips

  1. Regardless of how casual and office setting may be, always dress business professional for an interview.
  2. Use your best judgement where you decide to include subtle pops of personality.
  3. Your most persuasive accessory is your confidence. A prepared attitude will lend you great success in an interview setting.



Unless we have been in the workforce for many years or have already created a reputable name for ourselves among other industry professionals it can be tough for an employee starting out trying to make their mark in a competitive business world. Depending on the work environment, profession or industry the way we dress can have a powerful impact on the way others view us in the workplace.

One thing that remains timeless in the world of business and professionalism is the dress shirt. We have all seen this wardrobe staple cross borders and genders within the past century. A crisp, definitive and straightforward item that you can wear in the workplace. Not only do you feel professional in a dress shirt it also seems to spark a confidence that seems to grab the attention of others.


Style Tips

  1. Avoid dressing more than 1 level up from your office dress code to avoid looking overdressed.
  2. If you work remote or from home dress as if you were in the office. This will help you to shift into a work mindset and today you never know if or when you’ll have to jump on a video conference.
  3. On Fridays or Casual days dress one level down from your regular office attire. Maintaining a polished image while dressing down is a respectable choice. Your sneakers should be clean and your denim, dark and well kept.


About the author:

If you are in need of a smarter look, T.M.Lewin has created a savvy dress code guide above. These British retailers also offer a noteworthy selection of men’s shirts and women’s shirts for any occasion; casual or formal. Finding the right clothing to wear that will support you in creating a great impression on others and exuberate confidence in any formal or informal setting is important.


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