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Why should I do a closet edit?

I know exactly how you feel, editing or cleaning your closet is about just as fun as going to the dentist. It\’s no surprise that most women avoid it like the plague. As much as it can seem like a daunting task, editing your closet it super valuable saving you both time and money in the long run. Most of the time your clothing is taking up valuable real estate, not to mention adding more stress to your life.   Its not just about getting rid of things, but also being aware of what you do own. Some of us may have a closet full of clothes and still have nothing to wear. More than likely you are buying the same unflattering styles over and over again.  A closet edit will help you to uncover unhealthy habits that may be holding you back. You still need to do a closet cleansing or edit even if you have very little clothing. A closet edit will help you to see where the gaps are in your wardrobe, what needs updating, see what can be mixed and matched and where you can make smart purchases.  Just think about how confident you feel when you are wearing pieces that flatter you and how much more productive you are when you have clarity!


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