4 Simple Tips To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe To Spring


Spring couldn\’t come any sooner. Now that we have sprung forward it\’s time to spring your wardrobe into gear.  Yes sir !  It\’s time to find your way out of the darkness into the light.   Transitioning your winter wear to spring can seem a little intimidating.  Winter garments tend to be darker colors and before you know it you have a closet full of black, navy blue and grey.  Now it\’s time to get bold and add a little color.  There is something about bright colors that exudes a confidence. Trust me, it  will bring a little warmth to your life.  Chances are  you already have the foundation for a smooth transition.  Here are  4 simple tips to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring : 


1.  It\’s time to prep your closet
Take the time to see what\’s in your closet and organize along the way.  Organizing is going to save you time and money, trust me!  You don\’t want to repeat pieces you already have.  This will also allow you to see what can be mixed and matched as well.  Make sure things are hung and folded.  All skirts together, all pants, all shirts, all dress etc…  You get the idea.


2. Get back to the basics
Be sure to have your basics or staple wardrobe pieces like: T- shirts in white and black, jeans, white button down shirt, pencil skirt, etc… Your basics carry over from season to season and based on the quality from year to year. Your basics or staple tend to be monochromatic and neutral in color. 


3.  Lighten up your layers
Now is the time to pull out and add your thinner layers, for example, put away the cords and add tights. They will look great with lightweight tunics and shorter skirts.  Switch from your wool scarf to the lightweight go to scarf.  Lookout for a key piece or statement piece such as investing in a lightweight statement jacket.  Layer layer layer, that way if it gets warm you can fold and tuck a layer in your tote and go!  You can also store away your heavy winter pieces.


 4.  Add bright colored pieces to your wardrobe
 A pop of color makes you and everyone else feel better.  Trust me when I say it, he brighter hues are super refreshing.  You can\’t help but smile when you look in the mirror.  Don\’t be afraid to add fun and bright colored accessories such as a chunky colored necklace, print shoe, a statement bag or a belt to change up a look.  Mix colors in ways that work for you.!

 **  How do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?  We want to know, leave a comment:


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