Wrap That Dress To Enhance Wide Hips, The Triangle Or Pear Body Shape

Wrap that dress to enhance wide hips, the triangle or pear body shape If you understand what your body shape and proportions are and know a few style techniques,then you are on your way to looking your best.  Wrap around dresses are very flattering for wide hips, triangle or the pear shaped body type.  Choose a wrap around […]

Knowing Your Body Matters

Knowing  Your Body Matters Do  you know your body shape?  Do you know how to flatter wide hips or how to dress for your body type?   We often believe that the more clothes we have, the more prepared we will be and the easier our busy lives will be.  How often do we find this to […]

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down At New York Fashion Week

Don’t get caught with your pants down at New York Fashion Week Earth Therapeutics Body Brush There’s no magic pill for cellulite reduction.  All you need is dedication, determination and a little TLC.  Oh, and let’ not forget the body massage brush which helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and break down that unwanted friend, cellulite.  […]

5 Simple Tips To Help You To Love Your Body

5 simple tips to help you to love your body   Enell Control Figure Sports Bra Can you honestly say you love your body?  Do you struggle with learning to love and care for your body?  We spend so much time wondering what others think that we often overlook  caring for ourselves.  Studies say there is a […]

Do You Know Your Body Shape?

Enell Control Figure Sports Bra Do you know your body shape?  If you understand what your present body shape, proportions are and know a few clothing and style guidelines for your shape, you are well on your way to looking your best. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know your body type.  […]