7 Easy Ways To Update Your Style

Whether you are running a small business, heading out with girls, or going on a hot date  you are sending a message about yourself.  The first time you meet someone they have formed an opinion about you in a matter of seven seconds based on your appearance alone.  With a few simple steps you can […]

5 Simple Tips To Help You To Love Your Body

5 simple tips to help you to love your body   Enell Control Figure Sports Bra Can you honestly say you love your body?  Do you struggle with learning to love and care for your body?  We spend so much time wondering what others think that we often overlook  caring for ourselves.  Studies say there is a […]

Makeup Artist Buy These By The Dozens

    Random thought:   Use a clean  spoolie to comb through clumpy mascara. Apply a second coat.  Wha la!  Makeup artist buy these by the dozens.   ** How do you de-clump your lashes?    We want to know, leave a comment: Tracey Evelyn is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist and beauty expert that helps emerging women to […]

Exfoliate With Items In Your Kitchen Cabinet

exfoliate with items in your kitchen cabinet Does your skin look dull, aged or lack luster?  Did you know you can exfoliate with items in your kitchen cabinet?  Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s outer most surface.  Yes, you can exfoliate with items in your kitchen cabinet, exfoliate with baking soda.  […]

Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape

. Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape   The round or oval body shape tends to be a heavier frame with a prominent tummy, you tend to carry more weight in your mid-section and therefore appear to be top heavy.  With this body shape be sure to take full advantage of and highlight […]